Sunday, July 19, 2009

Shine On!

Or so says the motto of this convention. We finished up the first round of events (only four more repeats to go). There were over 5000 women present, and will be that many at each of the following four too. And some of them earn commission checks of over $40k a month. Selling make up, and encouraging others to sell more makeup. Its craziness. They have a formal awards night, where the women break out all of the jewels (in some cases, it looks like they wear everything they've ever won from their sales all at once), and their fancy dresses (which range from the overly sparkled, to the bad bridesmaids dresses and former prom spectaculars) and walk across the stage and get crowned queen in some cases. Its all a very interesting thing to watch. Or in my case hide in my corner from as to not get trampled by women who are very excited to be up on stage (a phenomenon I don't understand).

I did get quite a bit of knitting done. I finished up the hank of yarn I had purchased to make my cowl, only to realize I need more yarn. So, I'm hoping that they still have that color at the store I bought it at. And I started in on a hat for mom (seeing as I did promise her hats back in March). I'm hoping to finish up the hat and get the sock done (and then not get second sockitis).

Aside of the normal everyday issues of working through my craziness and learning the fine art of trusting and faith and letting go, life continues on. I'm trying to figure out plans to get home to Boston for mid September (having not seen more than my immediate family in almost five years, I figure I should make every effort to appear at the upcoming wedding). And wondering what work has in store for me for the coming months.


km said...

It is UNREAL the $$$ some of them earn. I know some of those ladies. And while sometimes the sparkle is a bit much...many of those ladies have the biggest hearts and just want to sprinkle glitter dust on those around them...share the love.

Irritable Mother said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and telling me about your theater class variation of the question game. I think I'd like to give it a try - if it isn't too much for us to handle. *grin*
So, I'm guessing you work in a convention center of sorts? Sounds like you see some rather interesting events.

Hoping you succeed in learning the fine art of trusting and faith and letting go!