Sunday, December 30, 2007

Odd Sights

I work in a retail outlet mall. Maybe you'd see someone knitting as they waited on a bench for a shopper. But today, I saw a shopper knitting. She was wandering around the store, looking at things to buy, all the while knitting the scarf she was wearing. It made me laugh, as I've just masted talking and knitting, but this girl had walking and knitting down pat.

Saturday, December 29, 2007


It was 6 years ago yesterday that I rolled my car over. I realized that as I was out driving and crossed a point just a half mile from where it happened. I haven't been back by that spot many times since it happened, maybe three or four - guess thats what happens when you move out of state 6 months later. I haven't really thought about it much over the years... but I did think about it tonight, and all thats happen over the course of those six years. Damn, this time of year is full of reflection...

I guess the biggest thought was that I'm so grateful I walked away from the car unhurt. It happened so quick, but I had guardians watching over me that day.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a long day

I've been back and forth to the city a couple times already this week. And another trip scheduled for next week, tentatively. I just hope that the weather is a bit nicer for my next trip. Driving in the rain is very draining, and combined with the traffic on the trip home this afternoon, I'm feeling completely drained. I'm really glad to have the couch to crash out on.

I of course chose the wrong book for my over tired self though tonight. I find that reading a depressing story when you are already tired and having a touch of the end of the year blues is a horrible idea. Seems like I always end up with the depressing tomes when I'm already there though. Wonder why that is...

I've been doing a bit of reflecting on the past year - more about that in a post before the new year - and trying to figure out plans to celebrate the passing of 2007 into 2008. New Year's has to be one of the most over rated holidays in my book though. And this year, I'm at a loss as to what my plans will be. Right now it looks like I'll be spending the night home with my parents. Which, is kind of sad. Shouldn't I have some hot date? Or great party to be invited to? I suppose its better than my night last year, which was spent listening to Bill Medley's (of Righteous Brother's fame) children sing. Bill was sick... so sent his kids instead. I worked til 4 or 5 am. A great way to welcome in the new year - watching other people get drunk and enjoy the champange. It seems that everyone close by here in Massachusetts is scattered on vacations, or moving to new homes (which are 22 flight hours away), or working insane hours. Perhaps something in the city will appear.

I'll be making another trip back to New York on Wednesday. The staffing agency wants to rework my resume and meet with me again then. Which is more forward motion than any other job situation I've been in thus far. Send good wishes and cross all fingers for me. I'm needing to get out of here and into my own space.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas to all...

It's strange being home for the holidays. Its been four years since I was able to spend the Christmas with my family, and being back, while fabulous, is also a bit disconcerting. The new traditions I had made my own are changed back into the old family ones. Ones which will never change. In part, they are a comfort, to know that the same meal will always be served and the schedule will remain the same for the day. Yet, I'd like to infuse some of my life into the old home life that is here. My brother vehemently opposed that though - him being the more home body of the two of us, and definitely the more attached to the tradition. It might be nice to have something new for dinner though... Just my take at least.

I'm looking forward to seeing what surprises are under the tree though.

And now for sleep. Its been a busy few days, with long retail hours, and a bit of travel.

... and to all a good night.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Knitted gifts, FINISHED

In the past few days, I've managed to finish up two knitting projects. One has been 90% done since October - just needing the fringe added on, but the other I've been working on for about the last 6 weeks.

And here are my masterpieces....

Now to work on my scarf. It turns out that it was really a blessing in disguise that I messed up the initial gift scarf. My sister in law bought a new coat last weekend, and the colors of the original scarf never would have matched. Somehow, I must have known what each of us was going to purchase before we even saw them.

Its been a good day - I have an interview on Wednesday in the city, which means I get to meet up with some friends and do some knitting with the group. Hopefully this one will yield more results than the last few... Ideally, I'd love to start the new year, with a new job, in a new city, in a new apartment. All new seems like a good way to start 2008.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Raspberry Thumbprints
Ginger Crinkles
Chocolate Wafers
Amaretto Truffles
Mocha Caramel Truffles
Chocolate Truffles
Caramel - turned into Pecan and Cashew Turtles
Toffee, with and without nuts

I think I'm done baking finally... maybe?

(I was going to include pics of my finished products, but it seems I didn't take the right photos... oopps!)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My Christmas Wish List

I caught a piece of a made for tv movie last night as I was falling off to sleep. The main character had written down her Christmas wish list, and was receiving each of her items as the movie progressed. So here it is, my wish list for this holiday season.... What are you hoping to find under your tree or in your stocking? Or perhaps under your menorah?

Dear Santa:

This year I'd like the following:

A JOB! (that pays me well, and is in New York City)
A fabulous apartment (ok, so it doesn't have to be fabulous, just no mice, in a safe area, and that I can make feel like home)
My stuff from Vegas
My American Express bill to mysteriously start shrinking
Cookbooks with glossy pictures of the food and lessons on new techniques
New knitting toys (yarn, needles, and a measuring tape that isn't industrial sized - I'm not going to be making anything that is 25 feet long.... at least I sure hope not!)
Sweaters and other warm weather clothes to survive these cold winter days

I've moved around a lot this year... so I hope you can find me. Especially for that first one!

PS - I've been a very good girl! (or is that a very good girl??)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

White Christmas Garanteed

Winter is here with a vengence. I think the temperature dial was reading 21 for most of my drive home. And they (the always accurate weather forecasters) are promising that we will wake up to even more snow. I left the desert why? Ok, so I don't really mind it. I'm rather liking seeing all the snow again. I'm dreading driving to work tomorrow, and fearing that the roads in this rural corner of the world will just be impassible (I need the money, as Sunday's are time and half, and I took last Sunday off). Perhaps I should be fearing the drive home too. I could go for a day curled under a blanket, perhaps in front of the fire my dad is sure to build, and finishing up the scarf projects, but that won't help the American Express bill shrink at all.

And now to sleep, and dream of sugar plums... What is a sugar plum? Tomorrow is sign ups for the cocoa swap (YAY!). I'm excited about participating in my first swap - I always liked the idea of having a pen pal when growing up, but never really had one. Now, a grownup version, complete with hot chocolate. A perfect treat!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Its been snowing here since just before noon. I think somewhere around 10 inches have fallen. I guess its a great welcome back to the east coast. It took almost two hours to do a quick two errands, distancing about 15 miles total. Parking is going to be hellish at work this weekend, especially as they are promising another big storm arriving on Sunday. I can't wait to sell my car and be in NYC where I won't have to worry about parking on how I'm going to get to work, cause the subway is mostly underground and doesn't have to deal with the snow fall.

But a good day to curl up with my knitting though. I'm almost done with the second skein of yarn for my sister in laws scarf. I'm debating if I'm going to make it longer or not though. I think it needs a bit more than it has so far though. I did run into an interesting problem that took me a few rows to figure out. There was a break in the middle of the skein of yarn, so I had to break and rejoin my knitting. The row after that I knew there was something wrong, but I couldn't figure out what I had done. All of my stitches were on the needles backwards. So I swapped them all around as I knitted across. And some I got lazy and just knitted into the back. The same thing happened on the next knit row though. Completely baffling me. Turn out I was winding my purled stitches around the needles the wrong way. Glad I figured it out, but it confused me for a few rows.

I've also started to attach the fringe to my other gift scarf. I can't believe its less than 2 weeks til Christmas. I'm in such a different place than I thought I would be at this point. I thought I'd have a full time, well paying job. I thought I'd have a place of my own in NYC. I thought I'd have my stuff moved out from Vegas - yet again, the moving companies continue to either ignore my calls and emails or give me quotes that are so high they are ridiculous. I am slightly more in the Christmas spirt today - deciding to make some Christmas goodies and send them out to people. I have a lot of baking to do on Monday and Tuesday now. (hopefully there will be mouth watering pictures to share - and one day, a site and maybe even a coffee shop that sells my creations) And praying that the United States Post Office can deliver on its promises of two day deliveries, cause I can't afford the Fed Ex rates.

And now for CSI and perhaps some a hot beverage.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


With two weeks til Christmas, I really need to get working on the present scarf. I made some decent progress tonight - probably added another foot to the length. Its looking really good, but every few rows I have this issue with my stitches slipping off the needles at the ends of the rows. It is a royal pain, especially because it happens just as I cross the first set of cable stitches. I end up having to back track to the start of the row. Luckily, its usually only three or four stitches into the row, but.. With luck, I'll have this project done before the start of next week.

I also visited this cool yarn store near me. Although near me here is a bit of a journey. It seemed to be a good reward for surviving the annual exam all women dread. And seeing as it is just down the street from the doctors office... I refrained from buying anything, as I really want to finish some projects before I invest in any more. But I got a few ideas. I think up next is a felted bag -not sure if I'm going to go purse sized or knitting and tote bag size. Any one have any good pattern suggestions? The owners of the shop laughed at me, as I had my needles sticking out of my purse.

And it seems that every time I get down on the job search, there is that one little thing that happens that seems to make me hopeful yet again. Today it was the accidental omission of a resume from a cover letter. The cover letter must have caught the eye of the person who got it though, for they emailed asking me to reattach the resume. Now if only I could land some interviews... so I can wow them with my sparkling wit and personality.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I still can't seem to settle on a design for my page. I've changed it yet again! Change is good, right? I'm certainly trying to make enough of it in my life... at least here, I can see the results instantly.

I had one of those unexpectedly fabulous nights last night. One of my closest friends is moving to Guam for at least the next two years, and we had her farewell party yesterday. The party part was a bit odd - being family and odd college friends that I had only interacted with on occasion. The end of the evening is where all the fun came in, as a small group of us walked to a nearby chinese restaurant and indulged in drinks that were highly alcoholic, food that was tasty, and laughs that made us all cry. We had light saber fights, we drank wine, we watched a cheesy movie. It was an almost perfect way to spend an evening. It kind of sucks that just when I make it back to the east coast, my friend leaves for a place at is a 22 hour flight away. Excuses to plan for vacations.

And another reason I need a job, and soon. There is so much I need and want these days - clothes... right now, I need winter ones, but before long, I'll need new summer ones too. A new camera. Travels and my stuff from Vegas. Money certainly makes the world go round, and when you have none, you notice that more and more. In addition to the material wants of moving on, I long for the independence ones too. I want to wake up and not have to have a conversation with my morning loving parents. I want to be able to cook dinner and not have to take into consideration the dietary likes of others. I just want to be living in my life... and not feeling stalled in my life.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Its been a few days

I've been off and traveling. I've covered the major cities of the eastern seaboard this week. I've seen friends, I've driven in snow, I threw the first snowballs of the year (although I got yelled at for doing it...)

It was great to return to DC. It is such a beautiful city... even if it is a bit too political for me. Or perhaps, just too republican for me. We wandered around the city a bit... saw the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, which were first for me, as the building they were in was under renovation for the majority of the time I lived there.
 We braved the cold and wind coming off the tidal basin and wandered through the FDR Memorial. Which is one of my favorite spots in the city. It was a bit different with the cold and no lightening bugs.

It was great fun to relax, and go out for some drinks, and amazing food. And to see a show. I do miss being in theaters, and wish that I could just magically land some sort of management job. Alas, I don't have that kind of luck on my side. Spending time in NYC was the perfect way to end the few days out of town. I had the chance to meet up with the girls and get some work done on one of my scarfs. It was great to just have conversation while working on the project.

As I'm one to cram as many things as possible into a day, the day ended with a great couple of drinks and good conversation. And a decision that I had to make... I've questioned it ever since I made it, but I was able to say no. It was something I had to do, but was so hard to do. Wanting different things can't be controlled... But it doesn't take care of how much it hurts when it happens.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hot Chocolate and Knitting... what a great combo!

What could be a better combination that a cup of hot chocolate and curling up with your latest knitting project?

Visit The Hot Cocoa Swap and they'll help you with your quest to obtain the zen evening of warm chocolate goodness and a fun new project. The swap sounds like a fun idea, and one I'm looking forward to taking part in.

So, for now, there is a contest, to get the word out about the swap... So mention the swap on your blog, and then tell them that I sent you there... And we'll both get entries into the contest. And then return on December 16th, and sign up to be part of the swap!

Hope everyone had good weekends. Mine was spent with the fun of work. And then driving in snow for the first time in four years. As remembered, that wasn't much fun.

I'm off for DC tomorrow. I can't wait to wander around my old home. Here's hoping the weather will be better in the morning when I start off.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


I think we've (an by we've I mean the American society) have reach an all time low of laziness. I got an email advertising this today. Its an electric martini maker. Not so different from your normal bar shaker. But it shakes or stirs for you. I'm all for making things easier, but is there something as taking it too far? You still have to measure out the vodka or gin. Still have to add your own ice. Still have to pour the drink into the glass that you still had to chill. So, how much time does having a machine shake your drink for you actually save? Or does it make it more of a process? And really, is shaking a drink that difficult? And shouldn't you at least burn off a few of the calories it includes? If you want someone to mix your drink for you, hit the local bar!

In terms of my interview situation, I got 40 miles from home when I finally got a hold of the woman. And come to find out, I had interviewed with her colleague a few weeks ago, so it was not necessary for me to make the entire trip down. Glad I found out then, and not any further into my drive. So, now I wait again. And hope that these staffing agencies find something for me to interview for.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I think I have an interview tomorrow. But I'm unsure, as I'm having the hardest time pinning down the woman who got ahold of my resume to set an actual time and place. You'd think that since she got back to me about the resume I submitted, she'd be a bit more proactive about telling me where she is, and what time she'd like to see me. So, it looks like I'll be driving down to NYC and seeing what happens. Its a bit annoying though. I'd hate to drive all that distance and find out that she double booked or isn't in the office. I've emailed her several times and no response. So frustrating.

It was great to come home and find the email last night though. I had had one of those days. I talked to BP, who is the hiring manager for this job I interviewed for Sept 26th. Making it over two months ago now. And there has been no decision made on what they are doing. I understand that people are busy, but really? Two months? And I had to work the late night shift at the store - 4-1am. UGH. At various points in the night I was just so down. Wondering if I'd ever get a job and make it to NYC. So, it made my night to come home to the email. That combined with another email of invitation to join up with a group of girls in the city... I fell asleep happy and more optimistic than I've been in weeks. Hopefully this works out tomorrow and there is some level of success. I'd love to be able to start the new year off with a new job and a new place and truly get that new start option.

And look, I'm making great progress on my latest project!

Its actually significantly longer, seeing as I took the photo before the work I did on it yesterday. It looks like I have to head back out for more yarn though, as I didn't look at the pattern closely enough to find out how much yarn I needed first. Ooops... :-/

And I get to go visit DC again next week. A friend is on tour with Avenue Q which is there for two weeks. It will be nice to go to an old home and hit some of my favorite restaurants. And hang out and be social.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I've got nothing tonight.

I spent my day cooking a tasty meat sauce. I read a book. And made some progress on my scarf.

I'm thinking too much about the job search though. I'm in a bit of a negative place today. Which is hard. I want success. And I'm sick of waiting for it. The longer I wait for it, the more I start to wonder if maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. But I don't know where else to look either. You'd think I'd at least have some idea if I were looking in the wrong place.

Back to the knitting. Its keeping my mind occupied, and releasing some of my stress.

Sunday, November 25, 2007


I can't look at another box. I spent my weekend working, which entailed unpacking boxes to prep for the big shipment that arrives tomorrow. Unfortunately, much of the stock comes in with the wrong price on it. Which makes the job very tedious. A week before I have to go back though.

Its making me realize how much I long for a real job again. I'd even take the stress of my summer job over this.

I miss having my own space. Not having to talk to someone before my morning coffee. Being able to walk in the door and decompress on my own, and not answer the question of how was your day? what did you do? etc. I do love my parents, and am beyond grateful that they are here for me, but after so many years of living on the other side of the country, I miss my space. I like the concept of being close enough to visit more often, but living under the same roof is going to test me.

Hopefully tomorrow will yield much progress on one of my scarfs. Its supposed to be rainy, so a perfect day for curling up with some hot chocolate and being productive!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

I hate the let down at the end of the day of a holiday. There is such a build up to the celebration... cooking, creating, gathering. And then, you (or your guests) have to return home. That part always makes me a bit sad. I'm a social creature, and I hate to see fun times end. But even more so on those special days.

I hope your celebrations were full of good times and no family dramas. And lots of good pie!

And as an update, the dairy, gluten and sugar free pumpkin cheesecake came out fabulously. It was tasty, and good for you!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today was the first snow around my parents place. It didn't amount to much, but it was fun to watch the flakes fall for an hour or so this afternoon.

I've accomplished a lot in the last day or so.

My sweater has a sleeve. Just one, but its getting closer to being done.

I made apple butter for the first time, and canned 7 jars of it. First time canning too! It was quite tasty on some toast for lunch. And it made my kitchen smell amazing all day.

The dough for all the pie crusts has been made for tomorrow. The cold of the house was actually a good thing for this task. I think the dough came together better than it ever has before.

I created a dairy free, gluten free, sugar free pumpkin cheesecake. The batter was quite tasty, so I am fully optimistic for the actual cheesecake. It included a homemade ginger cookie crust. The cookies were good, but the rice flour gave them and odd grainy texture. I don't think I could eat them straight, but I think they'll work well as a crust.

I cast on and started a new scarf for my sister in law. Its my first attempt at cables. I've had to rip out once, backing up about 6 rows. Its a little bit difficult, but mostly that's because I'm a tight knitter, and the tension of crossing the stitches makes it hard to knit them. I'm trying to concentrate on not pulling the stitches so tight, but not much luck yet. Any one have any clues?

Life itself remains confusing. I've found odd patches of comfort in various things though. I know that sooner or later this will all work out and I will return to New York and my dreams. I keep moving forward on this path and keep trying to find joy in the small things. I'm enjoying the chance to read what others are going through, finding strength in the oddest of phrases and ideas. The internet is truly great in how in manages to connect us all.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Deconstructed Apple Cake, and new yarn!

The food adventures of the day were numerous.

A trip to whole foods yielded new ingredients that I've never used before. Xylitol, soy cream cheese, brown rice flour and rice syrup. I sure hope that these new ingredients make tasty concoctions when subsituted for all the things I normally use.

The attempt at apple cake yielded less than stellar results. I think the carton of eggs was partly to blame, and the adjustments I made to the recipe to accomodate the lack of cream, and not wanting to use more than 3 eggs, after I had already used two full sticks of butter. So I substituted buttermilk for the cream, which shouldn't have been that major of a change. And two egg yolks didn't seem like that much to subtract when I already had three included. It took a bit longer to cook than the recipe called for but I've used so many different ovens lately, I didn't think anything of that. The real issue was when I tried to get the cake out of the pan, and only half of it unmolded onto the cooling rack. It tastes pretty good, but it looks horrid. Good thing its just for sharing with my parents. And having the kitchen disaster over with, the rest of the Thanksgiving cooking should go along smoothly.

I also picked up some new yarn today. I made a mistake on the scarf I was working on that was to be a present. Because of the pattern I'm using and knitting one below every other row, it made backing up a bit tricker than I imagined. So I dropped a couple of stitches, and the perfectionist in me can't give a gift with a mistake in it. (Ok, ok, I was trying to justify making the scarf mine.... but I swear I didn't sit on the project and knock the stitches off the needles intentially!) I made the mistake of going to the craft store, and decided that I'd add another project to my pile. Its time to attempt a cable! So, now my sister in law will get a cabled scarf in a charchol grey Chunky Shetland something or other... It just said cable me! Now I have to finish the sleve for the sweater so I can use the needle its on....

Kitchen Adventures

Right now there are a few kitchen adventures on my plate. It has always been my mother's duty to provide the pies for Thanksgiving dessert. As I became the cook, I've taken over the roll of baker. Especially cause I've gone the extra mile and don't believe in anything that isn't homemade... which includes the crust. Someday I'll figure out how to make it look as good as it tastes.

But the adventures/challenges...

#1 my brother's mother in law has allergies. Which means no sugar, no gluten, no dairy. All key ingredients in dessert. I'm thinking a vegan pumpkin cheesecake. Soycake? With a gluten and sugar free gingersnap crust. I've found a couple of options, now for the trip to Whole Foods (like I need an excuse for that) to get all the right ingredients.

#2 The gigantic bag of apples that mom bought the other day, in order to make the pies. Granted, it was only $2 more for about 4 pounds more, but the apples have started to spoil. There will be apple pie, and apple cake, and I think apple butter, which will be my first attempt at canning. There seems to be no recipes to make a single portion of this perseve... perhaps mom will want to give apple butter as Christmas gifts?

An update later on the progress.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Another Saturday night, and I ain't got...

For some reason, no matter how tired I am, I hate Saturday nights at home. They feel like the night you are supposed to be out doing something. Socializing with friends, sharing a movie, meal or cocktial (or all of the above), or just doing something beyond sitting at home. I spent most of my day at work - 8 hours behind a cash register with everything in the store on sale - but despite this fact, I wish I had something exciting to fill my evening.

Alas, its just me and alternating between the tv, book, and internet, and accompanied by some hot apple cider and a couple of cookies.

Hope your Saturday nights are more interesting than mine.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Angry all the time

So much of my life gets associated with songs. I hear something on the radio and it reminds me of parts of my life or people in my life. Not long ago, a friend I reminised of the songs from our college days. The pre-gaming songs we'd blast as we showered and got ready to go out for the evening. Memories of chumbawamba, spice girls, barbie girl, and baha men... and so many other cheesy party songs the late 90s had to offer. I'm wondering when the 90s nights at the clubs and bars are going to start?

I got in my car today and heard one of the songs from our summer run across and around the country. It had me feeling nostolgic for all the people that I spent every day with, had dinner with every night, and saw me at worst moments. (but then again, who looks good after four hours of sleep for the third day in a row and before their morning cup of coffee). I don't know when I may see these people again, but they are the people that when your paths cross, you always remember fondly. I miss the audio and video boys, the people who added laughs to my days, the Shotgun Rider sing along around the video consoles, and yes, part of me even misses rethreading the bolts every morning.

Yet as much as I can think fondly back on the memories, I am more than ready for this new path to start. As the number of days continues to grow, part of me wonders if I'm looking in the right place for this new path. Am I looking hard enough? Am I looking at the right jobs? The right city? The nagging doubts of my mind surface every now and then. I never felt more at home than I did wandering New York City, though. That has to count for something... and maybe this is all about getting yet another lesson in patience.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Why is it so very hard for me to find a full time job? It seems like I've sent hundreds of resumes out, with so few results. I'm skilled, I have a solid education, I think I'm a pretty damn wonderful person (at least most of the time), but it's so hard to get that across on a resume and through a cover letter. I'm not looking for the perfect job any more, just something... something that will pay me decently.

I'm still waiting to hear on an interview I had over 6 weeks ago now. I've followed up countless time, each time hearing that I was still on their radar screen, they'd just not had the chance to meet with the boss. And its for a job I'd love to have. But at this point, I'm getting so discouraged from the whole search. Granted, there is nothing to do, but keep at it and continue sending resumes and resumes and more resumes. And wishing on every star I see, every candle I blow out, and every other superstition you can imagine.

I thought that the meetings I had with the staffing agencies would have more results. I was mistaken there so far, as I've not even heard about a potential interview.

I miss New York so. And yes, I think I may continue to harp on this point until I am back there. It is one of those cities you just fall in love with I suppose. Fall in love, I did. I started over there, re-discovered myself, and I can't wait to be back and truly on my own there. I want to enjoy the holidays there. See Rockafeller Center all decorated. Skate on the rink in Central Park. Christmas shop on Fifth Avenue. I hope its not just a dream, but a soon to be reality.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Craving Pumpkin

I think its the cold weather here in New England that has me craving pumpkin. Or those fabulous pumpkin cookies I picked up a few weeks ago when I wandered through the Central Park Pumpkin Festival. They were almost cake like, soft with a bit of spice to them. So, after some internet searching, I decided to attempt to recreate my own version this afternoon. Armed with a few ideas, and plenty of past experiences, I ad-libbed my first baking recipe! I needed that good feeling today, the smell of fresh baked goods in the oven, and the warm moist cookies taste fabulous. I think next time I'll up the spices a bit, add more nutmeg and ginger, perhaps some ground cloves too. But for this time around, they are just what I was looking for.

Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies

1 stick of unsalted butter
1 cup dark brown sugar
1 egg
1 cup pumpkin puree
1 teaspoon cinimon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon ginger
1 teaspoon cinamon
1 1/2 cups Old Fashioned Oats
1 cup all purpose flour
Two or three handfuls chopped pecans

Cream the butter and sugar together. Add the egg and mix until incorporated. Add pumpkin, vanilla, and spices. Mix until thoroughly combined, making sure to scape down sides of the bowl. Add flour and oatmeal, mix until just combined. Stir in chopped nuts. Drop by spoonful onto parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Cook at 350 until browned, about 10-12 minutes.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another day, another dollar

It was one of those days. Strange dreams woke me this morning, and left me feeling alone and empty. Missing someone who became a big part of my life almost over night, and now, although still a part of my life, seems to have moved themselves to the periphery. They are a bit incommunicado these past few days, which has me caught off guard. And is highly uncharacteristic.

So I decided to go shopping... I had a pair of boots to return, and I wanted to try and get some christmas gifts. I made the mistake of going to the store I work in though. As soon as my boss saw me, she told me to go ahead and punch in. It was a holiday, so time and half is always a bonus, and it kept me busy and not thinking too much.

I'm so anxious to hear from some where in New York. I miss the city so much. I miss the subway and not needing my car. I miss having my social groups to go out with. I read an article today that stated that Thanksgiving was only 10 days away. Combined with the dreams this morning, it hit me hard that although I know I will get back to New York, it might be a whole lot longer than I want it to be. The holiday season isn't exactly the best time of year to get hired. Maybe I'll have luck. I hope I'll have luck. I'm so anxious to make this next path of life work out. Cross your fingers for me.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Part Time Jobs

So my period of complete downtime has come to an end. I started my part time job this weekend. I'm working weekends, at the outlets near my parents house. And trying really hard to not spend my entire paycheck at the store. Which I think is going to be the hardest part about this job.

That and not dropping peoples plates or glasses when I go to wrap them.

So far the casualties due to my clumsiness have been two bottles of vanilla. At least no one can be mad when I make the air smell like fresh baked goodies.

I'm getting rapidly sick of sleeping on the air mattress as well. For some reason it makes my limbs fall asleep.

So far my first winter (although its not even really winter yet) isn't too cold. I do need to get working on the scarf I'm making though. But I'm thinking I may keep it for myself rather than gift it, cause I think it will match my new coat spectacularly. I'm definately going to miss my knitting group while I'm at home. Its so hard to focus on knitting when its so cold in my parents house. I miss having that dedicated time to focus on my project. And people that were expecting to see progress at the next weeks meeting.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome to my space... No, not myspace... although I'm addicted to that too...

In the past few weeks, I've gotten addicted to reading blogs. I guess with changing so many things in my life right about now, its nice to read what's going on with others. And In the process of everything that is going on, I've found myself writing more and more. Thus I decided to start a blog and see what happens.

I'm trying to move to New York City (from Las Vegas) - and spent the last two months living there - where job searching has yet to yeild any good results. Who can live on $10/hr in that city??? I'm finally working with some staffing agencies, so maybe there will be results soon on that front. And there is still is that one interview that is taking forever to make up their minds. At this point, its been over 6 weeks. Isn't New York supposed to move faster?

I'm single for the first time in 4 years. Another huge change.

I'm looking for a new career path. While my last job was great, the stress of traveling the US with a rock show seemed a bit much at this point in my path. I need more sleep than it allowed me. And the chance to perhaps use more of the educaiton I spent so much money on.

So, with all this going on, there's lots to say. In fact the friend who is a doctor told me perhaps I should have just changed one variable, as opposed to three. But, what fun is that? Go big or go home, right?

So here it is, a chronicle of job searching, soon to be followed by apartment searching. Interspersed with cooking, knitting and reading... perhaps you'll find some funny tidbit or have some advice and support to offer.

And now to focus on the scarf that's on my needles....